Society of the Divine Word

Southern Province of St. Augustine

199 Seminary Drive

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Our name in Latin ......Societas Verbi Divini


Our name in English.... Society of the Divine Word


Popularly known as...... Divine Word Missionaries


Abbreviated: SVD


Welcome to the Southern Province of St. Augustine web site.


We are the home base for the Southern Province of the Society of the Divine Word.  Popularly referred to as the Divine Word Missionaries, The Society of the Divine Word began in 1875 in Steyl, Holland by Saint Arnold Janssen.


Working in more than 70 countries and on every continent except Antarctica, Divine Word Missionaries is one of the largest religious orders in the Roman Catholic Church with nearly 7,000 members worldwide.


In 1905 the Divine Word Missionaries began work in African American parishes in Mississippi. In the midst of much opposition, these farsighted opened a seminary specifically to train African Americans for the priesthood. Their dreams and efforts would change the American Catholic Church.


In the United States the Divine Word Missionaries serve in a variety of ministries. In our Southern Province we staff African American parishes and Hispanic parishes in Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, and Florida.



It is only through the continued support of donors like you, that we are able to carry out our ministry as Divine Word Missionaries. In particular, St. Augustine's  needs your help in caring for our retired members and provide for our young missionaries who come from lands far away from America.

Thank you for your generosity.

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September 10. 2018